Just an idiot trying to learn things.

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Talk about those changes

Hey, I know I’ve been gone for awhile, and the last thing I talked about was making those changes. Well they’re coming, it’s just been a very busy period for me, I have been doing some sketching and practice but not on my computer, and I don’t have a scanner at hand so I can’t really upload what I’ve been learning. When things have settled down hopefully I’ll have some time to start posting again soon. Bye.


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Some changes

Hey, so I’ve been very busy recently, as you have probably guessed from the lapse in my updates. I think I’m about a week behind now. And I don’t have anything to show for it because I have been busy with other crap as well. I will be updating more soon, debating whether or not I should try and catch up though. But that questions leads me onto another thing, this blog has sort of turned into a Sketch Daily ‘keep up’ frenzy, and that’s never what I intended it to be, it was always supposed to be a journal of my ‘self taught’ progress. I’d like to return to that, so, when things have settled down for me I’ll start re-doing that. Sure I’ll still do some sketch dailies here and there, but my main focus will be on my learning progress. So hopefully I’ll have some stuff to post soon.

For the mean time, here was a quick sketch I did waaaaayyyy back in the olden days. Ok it was just about a week ago, but still feels like ages ago. The theme was Southern.  So I drew some hick. Anyway here it is, pretty quick and shitty in my opinion, but my opinion always thinks it’s shitty.

Stereotypical Southerner


Also, here’re some random sketches I did in my spare time.

A little experiment in rendering a cartoony looking person.  Eyes are too big though, kinda uncanny valley-ish.


I was experimenting with Corel Painter in this one. Much better than photoshop for sketching.



See you soon.





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October 22nd (I know I’m behind, AGAIN) Sketch Daily

Hey guys

So the theme was funnily enough ‘Eastern’ this time. So I immediately just started trying to draw some samurai/ninja/asian guy with a sword. I tried to make it look ‘calligraphic’ and ‘water-coloured’, because for some reason I thought water-coloured would look asian. Anyway, I also suggest having a look at some other works on there, some are absolutely stunning (like this one) and leave me feeling worthless.

Some Ninja Dude

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Update Guiseeeee

Here they are. Click on the first image to get taken to the gallery. Also, click on the links to see what other people have posted on the subreddit. See you soon.

So the theme for today was ‘Western’First thing that came to mind was a very typical bar setting.


Yesterday’s theme was  one that I am personally less interested in, ‘Tim Burton’I drew a character from his movie The Corpse Bride’Not very happy with how it turned out, but don’t have much time.

Corpse Bride

And for the 19th, it was ‘Free Draw Friday’, so I drew a panda having difficulty eating bamboo.


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18th October Sketch Daily

Today’s theme was ‘Autumn’, either that or Aliens. I didn’t actually want to do Autumn, but I had already done aliens recently and thought I’d opt for something different. I feel like this is really shit. I guess it could have been done better with more time, which I don’t have, plus I think that would defeat the purpose of a sketch daily. Although, now I think about it there could have been some methods which would have been quicker and probably looked more effective. Anyway. here it is, a mountain valley in autumn time. See you tmrw. Hopefully.


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Caught Up

Okay, so I finally had some time to actually catch up with the Sketch Dailies, I actually thought I wouldn’t at one point. Here they are.

So today’s theme was The Moon.

First thing that came to mind was this. Didn’t take too long, finished it in about 20 minutes or less, I can’t quite remember.


The theme for the 16th was ‘Crime Scene‘.

Thought for a little while as to what would be a Lil’ bit different. Guess who the main suspect is?

Kitty Crime Scene

The theme for the 15th was ‘Modern Cave Paintings’

I got to admit, I was REALLY lazy on this one. But I didn’t have much interest in it. But also didn’t want to just resort to the alternate theme simply because I didn’t like it.

Try and guess what it is. The answer is below.

Modern Cave Painting


The answer is rave culture.

The 14th’s theme was ’50’s Space TV show’.

For some reason I assumed this meant space alien, maybe because I’ve been drawing all day non-stop, going a bit nuts. Well I ended up drawing the alien from the 50’s movie ‘Phantom from Space’.

The Phantom from Space

The 14th’s theme was simply ‘Baby’. I gotta say I really had no interest in this one whatsoever, but forced myself to do a copy. It was a really shitty result. Anyway, the learning continues.


And finally, the theme for the 12th was ‘Favourite Comic Character’. I opted for the alternate theme which was Zombie People’.  Looking back at this, it’s really awful and unfinished, basically I rushed it. I get impatient sometimes. But now I see the consequences.

Zombie People

Alright that’s it for now. Hopefully now I’ll actually stay updated.

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Late and Behind

Hey, so I’m still really busy. Really behind on these goddamn things, I will however be catching up soon. But will probably frequently be late and not have much time until November. Anyway here are the ones I’ve managed to do so far.

Sketch Daily October 8th Theme – Bubbles. Link here

So I decided to draw the character from the game Bubble Bobble with a slight twist of awesomeness in my opinion.




Sketch Daily October 9th Theme – Interior Crocodile Alligator (Alt theme is ‘Demon People’)


I got carried away and drew a demon instead, and stuck with it.




Sketch Daily October 10th Theme – A Heroic Return (Alt Theme Succubus)

Decided to draw a succubus, which basically just looks like a woman with a devil tail.




Sketch Daily October 11th Theme – The Perfect World For Girls

This theme was for some kind of charitable cause, for something for girls, I really didn’t pay attention, I know I’m a dick, but I was too busy. Anyway I just thought of what girls like, and they like cupcakes so…..

Girl's perfect world




Okay that’s it for now, I’m probably gonna rush a lot of the sketches that I’m behind on simply to catch up. See you soon.